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From Candidates:

“You are extremely accessible and responsive, which has not been my experience with other recruiting firms. Your candor and openness concerning the client quickly addressed the ambiguities and concerns that candidates always encounter at the outset of any dialog with a recruiter. Your depth and breadth of knowledge of the wine business was absolutely refreshing. Your single-minded focus on serving the wine industry with passion no doubt serves clients and candidates. The passion you display is a rare quality in all the recruiters with whom I have worked.”
-VP of National Accounts

“Your greatest strength is your passion for making sure the candidate is a good fit for the organization. You spent a lot of time talking and asking questions to make sure that all bases were covered. You did far more reference checking than most recruiters. You also made a point of having good relationships with several people at the company. [Newlin Associates pulls out all the stops to find many candidates to interview.”

-VP, National Sales Manager

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