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Open & Closed Placements

Current Open Searches:

Newlin Associates specializes in confidential and retained searches.

Please call us at 415.381.1545 to learn about our current open searches.

Sampling of Completed Searches:

VP Sales & Marketing
VP National Sales Manager
Director Sales - US, Premier Division
VP Off-Prem Chain / On-Prem Natl Accts
VP Trade Marketing
VP Sales, Central Division
VP Sales, Eastern Region
Director Sales, Northeast
Regional Sales Manager- West
Regional Sales Manager, East
Regional Sales Manager, Southeast
Regional Sales Director, CA
Regional Sales Manager, CA
Market Manager, S. FL
Market Manager, VA
Market Manager, Mid-Atlantic
Account Executive, N. CA
Account Executive, Pacific Northwest

Chief Operating Officer
VP Operations
VP Central Coast Operations
Technical Director / QA/QC
Winery Operations Manager
Vineyard Operations Manager

Sampling of Clients:



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